Super Pomo

Super Avant Garde Postmodernism is a music blog much like any other music blog on the net.  I hear music, I enjoy it or loathe it, and then I write about it.  All of this is done mainly to hone my writing, but I always love introducing someone to new things.

This is not an MP3 blog.  I fully encourage the visitors of this site to try stuff out of their own accord, but I always refer them to a place where they may purchase the release.  In the case of difficult-to-obtain, rare, and out-of-print releases, I will consider uploading the release myself so that people may have the chance to experience some of this wonderful music that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to hear.  Of course, I will remove any music at the request of the artist or label.

If you are an artist and you would like to send me your music so I can write about it, get in touch with me  at  Take a look around the site at the music I cover.  If your music tends to be experimental in nature, drone/noise/ambient, hardcore punk, black metal, or electronic, then perhaps you should get in touch with me.  I prefer to only write about music that I enjoy or find noteworthy.  Not so much into wasting my free time listening to terrible music and writing the negative reviews.

If you’re reading this page, then I assume that means you must have an interest in this site for some strange reason.  Regardless of what that reason may be, thank you for reading.


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