Black and Raw (Furdidurke, s/t CS)

Furdidurke - s/t 2010 CS

Furdidurke s/t pro-tape (2010, CW Productions)

Genre: Raw black metal
Format: Tape

Pioneered by bands like Darkthrone in the second wave of black metal, the lo-fi aesthetic was a statement of defiance against the more polished and produced sounds coming from their contemporaries at the time. This production choice marginalized the importance of clarity while emphasizing mood. If black metal is supposed to be bleak and unsettling, then all that is polished must be stripped away.

Furdidurke is among a segment of bands pushing raw black metal so far that the very genre itself begins to disintegrate. It’s no surprise that the band has picked up a following in noise circles– their music arguably skews closer to the world of noise than it does to the conventional Norwegian black metal sound. This latest professional tape out on CW Productions collects various unreleased recordings from 2005-2006, including alternate takes and rehearsals. The songs are about as corrosive as you’ll find– high-gain guitars bleeding into crashing percussion and tortured vocals as they all race into oblivion.

The production choice can– and has– been used as a crutch for bands lacking in skill or ideas to put out music with a shortage of other redeeming qualities. Does Furdidurke frequently sound like a garage black metal act, perpetually in a jam session down the street from your house? I certainly wouldn’t argue with anyone who makes this statement . It does all sound very amateurish and messy, but I would imagine the goal (if they even have one) of Furdidurke and other bands of their ilk is not to be held in the same regard as legendary black metal acts like Emperor or Burzum.

If you’re the type to revel in the hissing violence of this breed of extra raw black metal, then this tape is worth a listen. If you’re looking for a place to start with Furdidurke, this is a good entry point. If you’re a Furdidurke fan, then you’re just reading this for some sort of validation– or a reason to send angry comments or emails. If you’re one of those pious black metal fans who thinks that bands like Furdidurke and Bone Awl are ruining your beloved genre, then you will no doubt hate this tape too.

I happen to fall in the middle. I enjoy this style, but I often find myself more excited by the idea, than the actual music itself. This is fans only territory.

BUY: $6 @ Seedstock Records

DOWNLOAD: Furdidurke  November Reh (2009)


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