Krallice Dimensional Bleedthrough (2009, Profound Lore)

Mick Barr and his colleagues have returned a year later with another chunk of complex metal for us to chew on. By now, everyone who would care is familiar with these guys. Internet forums have been ablaze now for about a year with people arguing about their TRVENESS or KVLT status or any of the other nonsense the kids like to talk about.

Let’s just cut straight to the facts. Clocking in at a whopping 77 minutes, this is not an album you can properly digest in one listen. Mick Barr is still utterly absurd on the guitar, engaging in all sorts of finger gymnastics as he furiously molests his fretboard and tremolo picks his way down the River Styx. Ken McMaster takes over some of the vocal duties, his bellowing voice standing in contrast to Barr’s tortured yelps.

Dimensional Bleedthrough is similar to its predecessor, but also pushes the experimental aspects of Krallice even further. For every “typical” Krallice song like the title track, there’s something different like the drone metal of “Intraum.” The closer “Monolith of Possession” is an exhausting near 19-minute monster that combines everything interesting about Krallice into one movement. The ending of this song approaches noise in its overwhelming force.

Black metal –as much as I love it– is a genre that produces a large number of ridiculous characters, and many of its followers are too hung up on dumb shit to really enjoy the core art form. Is Dimensional Bleedthrough black metal? Perhaps not in traditional sense, but who cares? It’s a damn fine record regardless of what genre you want to toss it in.

Dimensional Bleedthrough is out now on Profound Lore.


~ by theoberlander on November 20, 2009.


  1. not colin singing!

  2. Ah, my mistake. Thanks for the correction!

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