And Now for Something Completely Different…


Pulling Teeth “Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions”
(2009, Deathwish Inc.)

This is quite a way to cleanse the palate after blogging about psych-drone for the better part of two weeks.  Although I haven’t been digging a lot of the more recent offerings from Deathwish, I still have tons of love for the label and many of the bands that call it home.  Pulling Teeth is an interesting case.   I’ve always liked the band, but I’ve never really felt like they were reaching their potential– until now.  On “Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions” Pulling Teeth puts all of the pieces together to become so much more than just another hardcore band with Slayer solos.

Pulling Teeth’s previous album “Martyr Immortal” showed signs that the band was beginning to evolve beyond the confines of the hardcore genre.  “Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions” makes the full transformation.  Although the band will still drop into uptempo thrashcore passages and fire off explosive guitar solos, there is a new focus on exploring the dynamics of sludge, prog, sampling, and even noise elements.  “Ritual” spends much of its time repeating a nasty doom riff and tends to skew into spaced-out textures in its closing moments.  Fans of the band’s previous works should find a lot to like about  “Bloodwolves,” which hits about as hard as a body flung onto the pavement from a speeding automobile.  Again demonstrating their maturation as a unit, Pulling Teeth reigns in the intensity, dropping the attack in favor of soaring guitar melodies to close the track.

The album closer “Paradise Illusions” demonstrates the biggest departure for Pulling Teeth.  A 9+ minute excursion through societal decay, this piece is probably the greatest moment to date for the band.  Beginning with nature samples and light, pitched-out synth gurgling, it’s pretty clear right away that this isn’t going to be like anything Pulling Teeth has done before.  Clean guitars and actual clean singing make their way into the picture, giving one the impression that things are going to go ape shit pretty soon– but they do not.  Pulling Teeth drops everything, careening the song into samples of human despair backed by somber bass guitar.  Suddenly, the piece collapses into a sludgy dirge, vocalist  Mike delivering apocalyptic premonitions until a final guitar solo emerges to burn the whole thing down.

“Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions”  is a defining moment in the career of a young band. This is an album that vaults Pulling Teeth into the top tier of the Deathwish roster.  Although some will complain that the album is a bit on the short side, no one should let that deter them from hearing one of the best releases extreme music has to offer so far this year.  Recommended.

Listen to “Bloodwolves” on MySpace

Pulling Teeth Official Website

Hear more and purchase @ Deathwish Inc.


~ by theoberlander on April 13, 2009.

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