Natural Snow Buildings “Daughter of Darkness:” Part Four

Somehow I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After four hours of arctic climbs and dances with the dead, we are entering the final stirring movements of Natural Snow Buildings’ almost indescribably epic “Daughter of Darkness” box.  Two roughly half hour pieces comprise cassette four, which unsurprisingly takes us in a completely different direction than anything we have heard up to this point.

There was some question at the close of tape three that the oppressive atmosphere Natural Snow Buildings had spent the last hour or so crafting would continue to linger– that is not the case.  Cassette four opens with “Will You Die for Me,” a supremely calming, ambient drone piece that lifts the black clouds.  Introspective and gorgeous, this piece completely shifts the mood of “Daughter of Darkness” as the album enters its final stages.   Beautiful layers of synth casting themselves high into the bright blue sky.  There were times when I wished this song would not end.

Luckily, “Black Pastures” continues this  pastiche.  Still heavily reliant on lush synth texturing, this track adds vocal arrangements and some light percussive elements.  These vaporous drones recall pleasant memories of people and places lost to our past.  Waking to see the sun rise and realizing that at this moment in time, everything is exactly as it should be.  Simply moving.

Cassette four is a bit of a redemptive moment for “Daughter of Darkness.”  This sea change marks another stunning turn for the album, and remains another impressive component in an ambitious work that could easily teeter off its perch into lethargy.  This is arguably the best section of this five cassette box.

Only one part remains!

Download “Daughter of Darkness” Cassette Four


~ by theoberlander on April 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Natural Snow Buildings “Daughter of Darkness:” Part Four”

  1. This link does not work . . . any chance of a re-up? Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I’m currently re-upping it– check back a bit later.

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