Campbell Kneale’s Love Will Destroy the Birchville Cat Motel (and World)

Greetings, I have returned from my brief hiatus!  I have been rather busy lately and sadly have neglected my lovely little blog.  I will fill you all in with some news and notes in my next update.  Anyways, back to the grind…


Our Love Will Destroy the World “Stillborn Plague Angels”
(2009, Dekorder)

By now everyone that gives a shit has heard that scary experimental New Zealander Campbell Kneale has laid to rest his Birchville Cat Motel moniker.  Yes, tears were shed throughout the bustling drone community.  Somehow he managed to take on an even more ridiculous name for his next project, Our Love Will Destroy the World (which was also the name of an awesome BCM release of course).

Our Love’s debut album “Stillborn Plague Angels” doesn’t rise from the ashes of Kneale’s former act or anything trite like that– No, this is more than content to writhe in the rubble, to drain the dead of their blood, to snap the bones of the fallen like a giddy child popping bubbles on protective plastic wrap.  The title track’s molten terror makes it apparent that Kneale has lost interest in beauty or hope.  This is thick, guitar-driven drone that snarls back from the abyss with grimy yellow incisors now coated crimson.

“Pink Hollow Paradise” expels guitar waste haphazardly across screeches and howls.  On “Chinese Emperors and the Army of Eternity” Kneale’s hypnotic metallic cascades are joined by torturous squalls that build in intensity and freqeuncy until the track melts down into a formless mass of decay and death.  Kneale continues to spray his psychic horrors at the outset of “Over Prehistoric Texas,” which begins strangely calm but wastes little time in constructing a tower of looping buzzsaw guitars to lacerate the sky.

Our Love Will Destroy the World is not simply a reboot of Birchville Cat Motel.  At least it would not appear so on “Stillborn Plague Angels.”  This is defiant, nasty drone in love with controlled chaos and guitars baptised in fire–  But it’s not metal.  Don’t call it that or Campbell Kneale will find you and kick your ass.

Listen to “Stillborn Plague Angels”

Buy the album


~ by theoberlander on March 17, 2009.

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