The Final Bow for Khanate


Khanate Clean Hands Go Foul (2009, Hydra Head/Daymare)

Let us all rejoice!  Khanate’s final album has seen the light of day.  Recorded in 2006 before their breakup, Clean Hands Go Foul closes the book on the incomparable drone metal act.

Clean Hands is the somber recollection of tragedy.  Straying from the more forceful and downright violent nature of past releases like Things Viral and Capture & Release, the last dissonant emissions of Khanate are downtrodden and teeming with regret.  “Wings From Spine” is a sobering affair, every bit as cold as one would expect from the band, but with a remorseful tone.  On “In That Corner” Stephen O’Malley’s crashing, sparse chords shatter upon the ground like the dreams of the innocent fallen.  Alan Dubin’s tortured wails resonate over the jagged shards of guitar and percussion.

The vinyl version of Clean Hands features an abbreviated version of the closing track, “Every God Damn Thing.”  The full version on the CD is 30+ minutes and was honestly a bit nonplussing, as the extra runtime is quite meandering and uneventful.

I was not sure what to think of Clean Hands upon my first listen.  It lacks the pure maniacal ferocity found elsewhere in their history, but placed in its own context this is a rather good album.  Perhaps not the most important album in the Khanate canon, but one that should be experienced nonetheless.  A farewell note etched in blood.

“Wings From Spine”


~ by theoberlander on February 3, 2009.

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