New Pocahaunted Tape in My Mailbox = Good Weekend


Pocahaunted Gold Miner’s Daughters (2009, EXBX)

I recently received this tape from the fine folks over at Excite Bike Tapes.  Fleeing from the bright neon lights of city, the moccasin-wearing ladies from the west coast return deep into the hilly brush on Gold Miner’s Daughters.  The result is something that bears little resemblance to their recent murky dub-drone workout Island Diamonds.

Gold Miner’s is Pocahaunted re-embracing the wilderness through altered states Native American-influenced hymns that we all became familiar with on their previous works.  “Hideous” is more of the rustic drone we have come to associate with this act.  Gentle guitar swell and all of the usual chants one would expect.  “Sun” pulls back a bit for something more serene.  Featuring an intro with minimal percussion and gorgeous string instruments, this track shows restraint in its overall approach.  The vocals come in over top to bring side A to soaring closure.

Flipping over to side B we get the 13-minutes-long “Demon.”  The shuffling chains of the behemoth drag the leafen ground; serenaded by a beautiful woman, his footsteps marked by echoing drum explosions.  This is more of the dark and ominous side of Pocahaunted’s persona.

A few nice wrinkles are introduced sporadically throughout Gold Miner’s Daughters, but this is still well-tread ground for Pocahaunted.  If you’re a Pocahaunted devotee, then I’m sure you already have, or will soon have this tape in your deck.  It’s largely a forgettable release, but fuck, it’s only $6.  Buy it.

Buy it at EXBX Tapes


~ by theoberlander on January 26, 2009.

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