And Still, More 08: Another Prurient Nightmare


Prurient The Black Post Society (2008, Cold Spring)

You can expect me to be finished tying up the loose ends from 2008 around June or so. In my ongoing efforts to shine a little light on some of last year’s noteworthy-but-oft-overlooked releases, I came across Prurient’s Black Post Society.  Dominick Fernow’s Prurient is one of the most lauded acts in the noise genre at the moment; I even named And Still, Wanting one of my twenty favorite releases of 2008.  As good as that album is, I think The Black Post Society might be even better.

Fernow’s metallic power noise assaults continue to shape-shift and grow on The Black Post Society.  “Specter of a Child” is blistering industrial horror in the vein of Whitehouse or Brighter Death Now.  While Black Post has a lot to owe to the harsh noise acts preceding it, the album also heavily evokes black metal.  While this isn’t new territory for Fernow, the way he pulls away the flesh from different genres and submerges them into the fiery depths of Hell is intensely captivating.  “Egyptian Bondage” is like an abomination of punk and Burzumic black metal.   Caustic and flailing, like a helpless soul having his life burned away in a firestorm.

Operating from a scary and orderless place, Fernow’s Prurient is very much an ongoing exploration of the id.  His black bursts of sonic death are dripping with the depravity that is always bubbling below our collective psyche.  The Black Post Society pulls back the veil to the sinister regions of our subconscious.  We may not like what we see, but we cannot turn away.  Highly recommended.

Give Dominick Fernow your money.


~ by theoberlander on January 16, 2009.

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