Wow. This is a really good year for hardcore music.


The hits just keep on coming. If you love hardcore music like me, then you’re probably rejoicing on a monthly basis these days. Killing the Dream’s latest album Fractures drops today, and it’s real fucking talk. In the works for over a year, Fractures is a passionate expression of artistic maturity from one of Deathwish’s brightest stars.

This album is raw. Although sporting cleaner production than the self-titled or In Place, Apart, Fractures still packs a vicious punch that wastes no time in demonstrating its power. When “Part II (Motel Art)” explodes from the speakers like a runaway freight train of anguished screams and ten ton guitars, the listener quickly learns that Killing the Dream has no intention of dulling their attack on Fractures. The title track injects some melody into the caustic mix in the form of cleanly sung vocals and somber guitar riffs.

“Thirty Four Seconds” is less about melody and more about kicking your teeth in. The most relentless hardcore track I’ve heard thus far in 2008. This is a disgusted, scathing indictment of betrayal. Vocalist Eli Horner begins the song by screeching forth “I should have fucking known/ you are who you fuck.” The finale of this track is a stark and epic statement of bitterness:

“I never thought this would be your song.
Fuck, i never thought this would be my song.
But thieves don’t write songs, their victims write for them.
I’ve never fucking said it before.
I’ve never fucking meant it more.
Fuck you.
Fuck all of you.”

Lyrical content continues to be a strong area for Killing the Dream. Fractures contains some of their most pointed, hard-hitting, and heartfelt words ever committed to a notepad. This is perhaps evident in no clearer fashion than on the closing track, “Resolution.” The cathartic end to Fractures’ bubbling anger, this track might be the band’s best to date.  Wrought with emotion and crafted with careful precision, “Resolution” is a track so powerful that it sends chills up my spine. Horner screams with lament “Remember when this was everything/ In a way it still is/ I just want to feel that way again” as jagged guitars engulf him for one last gasp of desperation.

Fractures is a gut-wrenching, emotionally-draining listen. It’s contrived to talk about how not enough bands in any given genre display enough emotion in their music these days, so I’ll avoid that line of thought. However, Killing the Dream emit an overwhelming feeling of sincerity in everything they do. Fractures is the type of album that forms a symbiotic bond with the listener. When you’re spinning this record, you share these feelings of loss, bitterness, and inner strength. It’s quite comforting, really.


~ by theoberlander on June 10, 2008.

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