Random Thoughts or Holy Shit I Need to Update

So yeah, it has been quite awhile since I updated this thing, huh?  Well, instead of letting May fall into the abyss reserved for months with no blahg posting love, I’ve decided to pack this post with pointless shit to help create the illusion of content. Yeah I know, I’m a genius.

I’ve been listening to a lot of hardcore punk lately.  Everything from Discharge to Killing the Dream.  Minor Threat, Chain of Strength; just lots of angry stuff.  The main point here is that the new Verse album Aggression kicks serious ass.  The sprawling buzzsaw attack of “Story of a Free Man” will implore you to grit your teeth and bloody your knuckles on the nearest wall (or face).  This shit crushes.  Bridge 9 has a sweet preorder deal for the album going on over at their online store, which will allow you to legally download the album right now.  Don’t wait on this.  GO.  I’ll wait.

Did you buy it? Next up is the weirded out experimental act Indian Jewelry.  Their latest album Free Gold! is deserving of many adjectives used to describe the best of music.  It’s droney! And poppy! And yes, it’s even psyche-y.  If I may throw around some absurd genre distinctions– this is some supremely interesting neo-psyche drone pop.  Free Gold! is pop music for people who like to unwind from a hard day at work by throwing on an Acid Mothers Temple album.  You’d do well to give this one a shot.

Lastly, some ramblings from the world of my beloved southern rap.  I know Weezy’s Carter 3 is set to tear shit up in a few weeks, but it’s gonna be hard to top the monster of an album that Bun B dropped last week.  Bun should probably just retire now, because I don’t think he’s gonna top this.  Tremendous production all around, strong guest spots, and a nice variety of songs (including a heartfelt song dedicated to Pimp C).  Southern rap fans should be banging this one out of the slab all summer long.

Well now, I guess this wasn’t so hard after all.  See you in about four weeks.


~ by theoberlander on May 27, 2008.

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