Pocahaunted goes pop… sorta.

If by “pop” you mean “delightfully danceable in a completely fucked out of your gourd on psychotropics” kind of way. Yes, Pocahaunted has finally created the album we all knew they had in them. Island Diamonds is a deeply spiritual dance party for those who do not dance. It’s an introspective mystical journey for the bearded. Lace up those Chuck Taylors and lace that joint with acid– we’re about to go on a trip with Pocahaunted.

Island Diamonds is Pocahaunted like you’ve never heard them before. No longer are the girls beating the drums of war or indulging in sprawling monuments to the gods. This is Pocahaunted skulking through alleyways at the witching hour, peering through windows into the depths of your psyche. Their silhouettes dance intoxicatingly against a graffiti-tagged brick wall illuminated by a nearby barrel fire.

These songs abandon the creeping fog of previous Pocahaunted releases in favor of a more focused sound. Every song still contains the incomprehensible chants and wails we have come to expect from this group, but they are now backed by pulsing bass lines and other percussive elements. These aspects really tie the sound together and make it spring forth with a vibrancy never before witnessed from a Pocahaunted release. It’s actually kind of… groovy?

“Riddim Queen” is without a doubt one of the finest songs I have heard all year up to this point. Featuring a murky riff that sounds like it slithered its way out of a manhole cover, this song is the perfect audio companion to the decayed nighttime urban sprawl. “Gehetto Ballet” slinks with an air of mystique along a slippery bass line, pushed along by powerful wails sang from the corners of the grimiest streets.

Island Diamonds is already being referring to as the penultimate Pocahaunted release. This group has continued to put out quality material, but Island Diamonds is a phenomenal step that should please many who were perhaps growing tired of their previous direction. This album establishes Pocahaunted as a dynamic and fearless act who are more than deserving of all the attention they have been receiving in the experimental scene. Through burnt out streetlights and cracked, black asphalt, Island Diamonds comes highly recommended.


~ by theoberlander on April 22, 2008.

One Response to “Pocahaunted goes pop… sorta.”

  1. sounds like i need this…

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