“Only Hours Ago, I Was Laughing”


What a vile record we have here. Okay, so I’m sure anyone that cares about noise music has heard Prurient’s latest album And Still, Wanting by this point, but that won’t stop me from gushing over it. It is to good for me not to blog about it. A slab of noise this dynamic and nasty must be talked about by as many people as possible. I’m here to do my part.

Dominick Fernow’s Prurient act has become known as one of the most interesting in the noise scene. His harsh sonic warfare is much more than wave after wave of disgusting, eardrum-raping sound collages. Fernow manages to create compelling and downright terrifying sheets of sound that ripple and change, nuances creeping through every pore.

And Still, Wanting is an extremely focused effort. Immaculately sequenced, this album is a nightmarish death trip that flows cohesively from start to finish. Opener “Memory Repeating” let’s us know that one harrowing journey lies before us. Fernow calmy states “Only hours ago, I was laughing,” before slamming us in the face repeatedly with a gigantic sledgehammer of noise. Tension rises and falls without warning, but this is only the beginning.

Personal favorite “Lust End,” like many tracks on Wanting, shows heavy black metal influence.  Fernow’s distortion-mangled howls sound purely demonic.  His guttural growls are engulfed in a thick hellfire of guitar riffage and noise that burn with such fury I think I suffered third degree burns while listening.

Once And Still, Wanting reaches its conclusion, the listener is left with the imagery of charred corpses and rubble that extends infinitely into the blackened horizon.  There is no light here.  No joy.  This is the soundtrack to night terrors.  And it is fucking beautiful.


~ by theoberlander on April 2, 2008.

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