Listening to Music is Fun.

Hello there. It is that time of the week where I share the songs that have been making sweet love to my ears recently. This past week has been a fantastic week for me in terms of music discovery, so let’s jump right into things.

Thomas Brinkmann – “Words”

Wow. This song is simply stunning. And the album that it’s on is sure to make appearances on many electronic music lovers’ year-end lists. “Words” is a downright chilling ballad, and a fantastic start to When Horses Die. Minimal piano keys resonate and Brinkmann bellows hauntingly. This is what Nick Cave would sound like if those Bad Seeds had grown into Apple computers.

Download “Words”

Ikonika – “Please” [Original Mix]

Hyperdub’s newest shining star, Ikonika totally kills it with this energetic two-stepper. Many of the blips and boops on “Please” sound like they could’ve been taken from a NES game, but the sequencing here is impeccable. It’s all very cute and playful, and it never stays in one place too long. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure I’ve heard a better electronic song so far this year. If I ever host a dance party in the Horsehead Nebula this is most definitely going to be on the playlist.

Download “Please”

Olga Kouklaki – “Right Shot”

This dark wave of minimal electro pop comes to us courtesy of sexy Greek siren, Olga Kouklaki. “Right Shot” has a thick bassline interspersed with moody synths that delicately weave their way around Kouklaki’s sensual vocals. And here I thought the French had a lock on good electronic pop music.

Download “Right Shot”

Have a Nice Life – “Deep, Deep”

This band is catching on rapidly with indie music nerds everywhere. And for good reason. Have a Nice Life’s mammoth Deathconsciousness album is a brilliant statement. Their melancholy sound draws heavily upon the shoegaze movement and the post-punk stylings of bands like Joy Division. “Deep, Deep” is from the second disc of the album, and is a driving, rock-your-face-off kind of song. Pounding drums and angular guitars again recall the era where punk began to branch out and become influenced by other genres. The vocals are mostly obscured in the mix (a characteristic of shoegaze acts like My Bloody Valentine), but are delivered with great passion. Urgent and invigorating. This is one hell of a rock track, people.

Download “Deep, Deep”


~ by theoberlander on February 20, 2008.

One Response to “Listening to Music is Fun.”

  1. Really cool post and awesome blog!

    I’m gunna check out all these bands.

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