It Truly was a “Super Tuesday!”

Wow. I almost made two posts in a single day! This is no ordinary blog post though. I am freaking the fuck out right now because the latest album from BORIS, entitled Smile, is now available for those skilled in the ways of the Interweb. This brand new album from the versatile Japanese electric warriors is set to drop in the US on April 29th, but I have heard it all. And it is so good I think my penis exploded in a furious splatter of flesh and semen upon hearing the opening drums.

I kinda love Boris. I’ve heard pretty much everything they’ve ever done. If one thing has been apparent about Boris throughout their career it’s that we should expect the unexpected. Boris are musical chameleons that have demonstrated a proclivity to successfully make dynamic shifts in their sound from one release to the next. Smile sees Boris gracing us with a warmer set of tunes that falls somewhere in between the blissful serenity of Rainbow and the raucous fury of Pink.

Track one, “Message” kicks things off with some very loud, pounding drums and a very groovy bassline. Then you start hearing the sunny harmonized vocals and you really start to wonder if giving this album the same title as that hallowed Brian Wilson masterpiece is more than just a cute coincidence. That is, until the solo. At one point a fiery guitar solo burns a hole through the track, boring right into my brain. Kurihara, is that you? This is Ghost-styled psyche rock with the amplifier cranked so high the power supply is about to blow up.

The fourth song is “Flower, Sun, Rain,” which is a cover of the song by 70s Japanese psyche rock act PYG. Boris played this song during their live set with Kurihara I saw back in October, and it is just as entrancing here as it was there. The best part about this track is how it opens with a massive wall of guitar, leading one to believe something truly nasty looms– only to have the black wall abruptly vanish and be replaced with lush 70s psyche pop.

“Next Saturn” continues the softer ways established by “Flower, Sun, Rain,” gently embracing us with a warm ballad. The track is held together by a bridge with some awesome and massive riffage courtesy of Wata. Takeshi’s singing is the focal point of this song, and it may be the best his voice has ever sounded.

“Dead Destination” is an amazingly intense cacophony of riffs and distortion. It seems like this album just gets better and better with each passing track. On “Your Points is the Umbrella” Boris eases into things with a very light, spacey feel. It doesn’t last– by the time this one is done your skull might have a few dents in it from the crushing and epic hard rock stomp.

And then there’s the final track. Clocking in at a whopping 19+ minutes, “Full Song” is a venerable smorgasbord of Boris awesomeness. Tidal waves of titanic guitar riffs form and crash down with unfathomable weight. This track actually resembles Pink’s “Farewell” with its mournful dirge; but on a much larger scale. Eventually the track crumbles under its own mass into a amorphous drone doom movement, devastating all in its wake. How amusing that an album titled Smile can end with such a malevolent tone.

I’ll make things real simple. Smile is immense. This is another tremendous album that showcases the pure brilliance of Boris’ talents. While many bands would have long since run out of creative drive at such a high level of output– Boris has thrived upon it. This album is going to blow minds.


~ by theoberlander on February 6, 2008.

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