I Listen to Music.

Whoooo, time for another post where I talk about songs you’ve probably already heard! This week I’m trotting out that charming indie whistler Andrew Bird, tireless drone giants Robedoor, and the restrained-yet-overjoyed folk of Twi the Humble Feather.

Andrew Bird – “The Trees Were Mistaken”

Oh Mr. Bird. You always sound so weary. And yet you’re so witty and whimsical. Although his new Soldier On EP is really “fans only” territory, “The Trees Were Mistaken” stands out as a terrific song that everyone should hear. In bringing back the programmed percussion that helped make “Fake Palindromes” so immediate, Bird has crafted a gem that is being done a great injustice languishing on this limited EP. This programmed beat provides stability, allowing Bird to use his gorgeous voice, violin, and that oh-so-lovely whistling to wrap us up in another ominously touching tale.

Download “The Trees Were Mistaken”

“Robedoor – “Divination Calling”

Although the title of this song is “Divination Calling,” the end product sounds like anything but an ascent to divinity. Standing in stark contrast to its title, this track feels more like a endless descent into the void. Heavenly chants are heard in the distance, but are choked out from the sheer force of this track’s plodding distortion. A visceral, first-person account of an angel’s fall from the heavens into the blackest pits of hell. 2008’s most terrifying track so far.

Download “Divination Calling”

Twi the Humble Feather – “Higher Than the End”

This relatively unknown act has drawn a number of comparisons to Animal Collective in their short time as a band. While the odd folk slant and falsetto group chanting certainly conjures up images of those furry freak folkers, Twi is a band much more in love with the art of subtlety. “Higher Than the End” is a series of folk pieces recalling the minimalist composition of artists such as Philip Glass. Despite the normally earthen ties heard in most of this new “psych folk,” Twi quickly departs for the stars with wide-eyed optimism.

Download “Higher Than the End”


~ by theoberlander on January 29, 2008.

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