Wow, I Update This Blog Way Too Often Now. New Stuff From The Field!

Do you like The Field?  Did you ever find yourself listening to From Here We Go Sublime and thinking to yourself “Gee, I wish all of these songs were 15 minutes long?”  Well, your wish has been granted.  The latest release from Sweden’s breakout electronic act, The Field– Sound of Light features not a single song shorter than 14 minutes.  Yeah.

Epic and immense are words I generally throw around to describe songs similar to those found on  Sound of Light.  This EP clocks in at a fucking HOUR in length.  Now that’s extended play.  The four songs represent different stages of a single day: “Morning,” “Day,” “Evening,” and “Night.”  What these four songs boil down to is something like extended mixes of the material found on The Field’s debut album.

He’s not braving any new territory here, but he can get away with it at this point.  His sound is that lovely.  A little more gentle, pastoral, ambient trance-styled electronic with a luminous vibrancy never hurt anyone.

The runtime does feel a bit long if your aim is to listen attentively for its entire duration, but this release really shines when you use it as background music for menial tasks.  I like to dance to the Sound of Light in my chair at work while I’m waiting for the clock to strike 5.

So yeah, this is like From Here We Go Sublime for people with stronger attention spans.  If you’re a Field hater, then Sound of Light won’t sway you.  If you’re a Field lover, well then you should already have this.


~ by theoberlander on January 23, 2008.

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