My 100 Favorite Songs from 2007! Another Pointless List! Yay!

It’s that time of year again– the time of year where pathetic bloggers the world over congregate to the vast expanses of the interweb and create list upon list. They do this despite the fact that nobody really gives a shit. It’s quite sad, actually. There are so many more constructive things one can be doing with their time instead of arbitrarily comparing Snoop Dogg to A Place to Bury Strangers.

And yet, I can’t help myself. I feel the need to succumb to the sheer ridiculousness of listmania like the majority of my blogging peers. However, I fully acknowledge that nobody cares about my list. I’m doing this for my favorite person– me. I need to do it to sate my massive ego. Ichi the Killer needed to kill in order to ejaculate; I need to make pointless lists in order to ejaculate. I’m strange like that.

100. White Rainbow – “Mystic Prism”
99. Holy Fuck – “Lovely Allen”
98. Raekwon – “My Corner”
97. Hot Cross – “Turncoat Revolution”
96. Thurston Moore – “The Shape is a Trance”
95. Magik Markers – “Body Rot”
94. Liars – “Plaster Casts of Everything”
93. Air Conditioning – “Where to Litter”
92. The Cool Kids – “Black Mags”
91. Grinderman – “No Pussy Blues”

90. Kathy Diamond – “All Woman”
89. Deerhoof – “+81”
88. Blacklisted – “Ivory Tower”
87. USDA – “Get it Up”
86. September Collective – “Das Meer”
85. Patrick Wolf – “Bluebells”
84. Papoose – “The Victory 2007”
83. Suishou No Fune – “I Descend Into the Oasis of Your Eyes”
82. Air – “Once Upon a Time”
81. Rise and Fall – “Clawing”

80. Rich Boy – “Throw Some D’s”
79. Byla and Jarboe – “10:58”
78. Electric Wizard – “Satanic Rites of Drugula”
77. Bjork – “Dull Flame of Desire”
76. Andrew Bird – “Dark Matter”
75. Radiohead – “Bodysnatchers”
74. Panda Bear – “Bros”
73. XXL – “Little Mouse of the Favelas”
72. Gabriel Ananda – “Sweet Decay”
71. Jay-Z – “Ignorant Shit”

70. Wolves in the Throne Room – “Cleansing”
69. Amon Tobin – “Big Furry Head”
68. Feist – “I Feel it All”
67. Boris and Merzbow – “Evil Stack”
66. Apparat – “Limelight”
65. Aesop Rock – “Keep Off the Lawn”
64. Stendeck – “The Woman Who Burnt on Her Bed”
63. Devendra Banhart – “Seahorse”
62. Caribou – “Melody Day”
61. Omega Massif – “Unter Null”

60. Spoon – “My Little Japanese Cigarette Case”
59. Ghostface Killah – “Yolanda’s House”
58. Bloody Panda – “Untitled”
57. The Field – “A Paw in My Face”
56. Glass Candy – “Candy Castle”
55. Eluvium – “Seeing You Off the Edges”
54. Okkervil River – “Unless it’s Kicks”
53. Jesu – “Old Year”
52. David Banner – “Suicide Doors”
51. Om – “Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead”

50. Justice – “Phantom I & II” (Ha, I cheated)
49. Stars – “The Night Starts Here”
48. 108 – “Three Hundred Liars”
47. Pantha du Prince – “White Out”
46. The Apples in Stereo – “Sundal Song”
45. Dinosaur Jr. – “Almost Ready”
44. Pissed Jeans – “Secret Admirer”
43. The Tuss – “Last Rushup 10”
42. Shipwreck a.d. – “Ascent”
41. ADULT. – “You Don’t Worry Enough”

40. Les Savy Fav – “The Equestrian”
39. Ulver – “Vigil”
38. Yellow Swans – “Mass Mirage”
37. Jackie-O Motherfucker – “Valley of Fire”
36. Burial – “Etched Headplate”
35. Chromatics – “I Want Your Love”
34. Ween – “Woman and Man”
33. Nadja – “Guilted”
32. The Angels of Light – “My Brother’s Man”
31. Raccoo-oo-oon – “Black Branches”

30. Akron/Family – “Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead”
29. MIA – “Paper Planes” (Remix)
28. A Place to Bury Strangers – “Don’t Think Lover”
27. Dizzee Rascal – “Sirens”
26. Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew – “TBTF”
25. Birchville Cat Motel – “Tonal Fire Antichrist”
24. Boris – “Damaged 3”
23. Neurosis – “To the Wind”
22. RST – “Primitive Atmosphere”
21. Gui Boratto – “Beautiful Life”

20. Shit and Shine – “Cunts With Roses Part One”

There is nothing pretty about this song or band. The name is ugly, the album art is crass, and the music sounds like a drunken rampage through a recording studio. A blistering 13 minute long jam session with the distortion cranked through the ceiling. This song is great for family get-togethers, bar mitzvahs and so on.

19. To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie – “Lovers and Liars”

Ominous, droney, and yet peaceful. TKAPB’s “Lovers and Liars” is one of 2007’s most beautiful songs. Sounds like Espers-meets-Broadcast with an even greater willingness to experiment with sound. Fantastic track.

18. Aussitot Mort – “Percute”

“Percute” is a vicious piece of French hardcore dripping with passion. Simialr in style to the work of Envy, this track builds and builds until it finally reaches a cathartic finale, flooding the listener with emotion. I’m pretty much gay for this type of stuff. Fans of stuff like Envy, Amanda Woodward, and Drive Like Jehu would do well to give this track a listen.

17. Emeralds – “Light’s Cool”

With the way I’ve talked about these guys, you just had to know they would make an appearance at some point. Staggeringly beautiful ambient drone piece mixing light guitar and sythesizer work with washes of gentle guitar noise. A lovely piece of music for a warm summer day.

16. Burning Star Core – “When the Tripods Came”

A massive beast of psychedelic drone. C. Spencer Yeh has a full band backing him here, aiding in creating a full sonic assault on the listener. Violins, guitar feedback, drums and ass loads of distortion all merge as one entity in this swirling cornucopia of sound. Like stepping into an incandescent 4th dimension through a portal hidden at the back of your closet. Utter brilliance.

15. Dalek – “Abandoned Language”

The title track from Dalek’s surrealist 2007 release, “Abandoned Language” is pretty much as spacey and dense as rap songs got this year. With a simplistic, repetitve beat, Dalek manages to captivate the listener by slowly throwing more and more ambient sound textures into the mix until you’re surrounded by a transparent haze of “drone-hop” (for lack of a better term). Rap music from the world of eternal dreams.

14. Trash Talk – “Worthless Nights”

Probably the most hateful song on my entire list. Trash Talk is an angry bunch. They probably hate the fuck out of you as a matter of fact. They acknowledge that this world is a piece of shit filled with dispicable people doing awful things. “Worthless Nights” is just another expression of that profound hate. Stay away if you don’t like buzz saw guitars and the general antipathy of modern hardcore.

13. The Angelic Process – “Burning in the Undertow of God”

The militaristic drive of this densely monolithic piece is hypnotic. Plodding along at a lumbering pace, “Burning in the Undertow of God” moves like a thick volcanic magma, searing everything in its path with a white hot malestrom of rumbling guitars and impassioned vocals. Play this song as loud as possible. Fuck what the neighbors say.

12. Pan Sonic – “Leikkuri”

Industrial jackhammer, GO! Pan Sonic’s tremendous 2007 album Katodivaihe veers between ambient and fiercely noisy– this track happens to be on the noisy side. This song’s high pitched squalls and endless flurry of hard bass hits will leave you in a daze when it’s all over.

11. Blonde Redhead – “Silently”

One of the most accessible, poppy songs Blonde Redhead has ever done. And that’s saying something, since 23 is their most easily digestible album yet. This song is fucking gorgeous.

10. Animal Collective – “For Reverend Green”

You know, I didn’t even really like the new Animal Collective album, but I love this song. Yeah, it’s completely wacky in true Animal Collective fashion, which means that it’s pretty easy to hate. There is just something incredibly affecting about how the band mixes such precious sounding melody with those razorblade-laced screams. This is a fun one to sing along to.

09. World’s End Girlfriend – “Bless Yourself Bleed”

Just another gorgeous contribution from the mind of Katsuhiko Maeda. A breathtaking journey featuring sampled stringed instruments and piano draped over top of a downtempo beat. Much like most of the work of Hurtbreak Wonderland, “Bless Yourself Bleed” is deeply personal and immediately touching. A stunning piece of music.

08. John Vanderslice – “Kookaburra”

Oh John Vanderslice, how I love thee. You made a song about Mulholland Drive for Christ’s sake. “Kookaburra” is my indie fag anthem of 2007. Vanderslice’s rich, imagery-laden lyrics and his soft voice make me all tingly. If I wasn’t such a manly man, this song would probably make me a bit teary-eyed.

07. Lil’ Wayne – “Upgrade”

I’m sure everyone is real sick of hearing about this guy by now. Well tough shit. “Upgrade” is still awesome, and deserves mention. Weezy is a motherfuckin’ champion (but not on this list), now where’s the fuckin’ Rocky theme?

06. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Rockers to Swallow”

I’m not the biggest fan of this act, but goddamn, when they fire on all cylinders they can totally blow your face off. Take this track for example– it is pretty much devoid of any substance. It’s just basically Karen O yelping and shouting while huge riffs rise and topple all around her. Total rock fury. Love it.

05. Clipd Beaks – “Black Glass”

One of 2006’s most awesome bands is also one of 2007’s most awesome bands. “Black Glass” is but one ultra-messy, fuzzed-out, spazzy jam from Clipd Beaks’ amazing debut, Hoarse Lords. But it sure is a fucking doozy. Sharp angular rhythms and vocals distorted sometimes beyond the point of recognition. I have been rocking out to this song for most of the year, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

04. UGK – “International Players Anthem”

The best single of 2007 hands down. This song torched radio airwaves with the triumphant return of UGK as well as a stunning turn from Outkast. A love song about pimping and avoiding child support payments, “Int’l Players Anthem” is so much more than the sum of its parts. Andre 3000, Pimp C, Bun B, and Big Boi all spit flames on this track. Each man is on top of their game here, and it shows. RIP Pimp C.

03. El-P – “Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love)”

Nerd rap alert! For get about all that– this is the most compelling rap song of 2007. “Habeas Corpses” is a story about a prison guard. He works on a prison ship where the prisoners are regularly raped and murdered. One day a young female prisoner is put before him for extermination, but he falls in love with her and tries to save her from death. El-P’s haunting production and thought-provoking lyrical content really strike a chord with me on this particular track. A must-hear song from a must-hear album.

02. Fuck Buttons – “Sweet Love for Planet Earth”

Nearly ten minutes of precious guitar drone. I say “precious” because the way that Fuck Buttons like to operate is by giving you a nice little pristine melody, letting it settle in, and slowly phasing in wave after wave of cascading guitar. Despite all that, their sound manages to be very warm and inviting. It’s like a big security blanket. A security blanket that occasionally threatens to suffocate you, but a security blanket nonetheless.

01. Wata – “Angel”

I probably would not have even heard this song if I didn’t go see Boris in Columbus earlier this year. Wata’s “Angel” was the achingly beautiful finale to Boris’ set that night, and a perfect capper. This song became a nightly ritual for me, listening to it before I would drift off to sleep. It’s a pretty simple song– Wata’s soft, hushed vocals are the centerpiece of the track, which culminates in a mesmerizing guitar solo. I heard nothing more arresting and sublime in 2007 than “Angel.”

More inane 2007 lists are on the way soon!


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