Please Say the Baby: 20 Hot Lil’ Wayne Songs from 2007

Yeah, I know. Hipsters listening to Lil’ Wayne is a big trend these days. While I’m sure a majority of the hipster fucks that recently discovered the awesomeness of Weezy F Baby did so because of some shitty pretentious website– that was not the case for me.

I was there when Wayne was just a toddler spitting an unrefined flow on “Tha Block is Hot.” I was there for his transformation from generic Cash Money emcee to the sharp tongued unorthodox rhymesayer many recognize him as today.

So fuck all you snarky backpackers, metalheads, tweemos and other naysayers who dare giggle or groan when someone says Lil Wayne is the shit. I’m gonna write about Weezy because Weezy deserves to be written about. How can you ignore someone who was so active in 2007? Without further adieu, I present twenty of the Birdman Jr.’s best songs from this year.

20. “Get High, Rule the World”

It’s a tall task to rap over a beat once used by the mighty Nas, but Wayne does a very respectable job here. No Lauryn Hill vocals to be found here, just Wayne handing out gems of knowledge like “get high, screw the world.” Amen, Wayne.

19. “Seat Down Low”

Although this isn’t the best version of T.I’s “Top Back,” this is still a pretty great song. On this track, Wayne perfectly describes his insane work ethic when he says “blind, deaf, or crazy I’mma spit like a long kiss.” This song also marks but one of the numerous times on Da Drought 3 that Weezy lets us all know that he is a martian.

18. “Scarface”

Arrogant and threatening, “Scarface” is pretty much all about fucking shit up and taking what’s yours. Unfortunately, there are already two Scarfaces, Wayne. Room for three perhaps?

17. “I’m a Beast”

The beat on this song is awesome. On this family friendly track, Wayne raps about playing table tennis on his yacht, keeping his pockets fat like opera singers… and shooting people. Par for the course, but it’s all about the charisma.

16. “Put Some Keys on It”

A lot of folks have outdone the original “Throw Some D’s,” but probably none as well as Weezy F did here. After all, Wayne does have “the hardest bars, call him the warden.” Rich Boy talked about putting some D’s on his car, Kanye talked about putting D cups on his women– Wayne talks about using women as drug mules. Brilliance.

15. “Be Me”

Super laid back jam about cruising around in the wee hours of the night. This is something I can really relate to. If only he had a line about buying Taco Bell in here somewhere.

14. “Dipset (Reppin’ Time)”

About 10,000 times better than the supremely shitty Jim Jones original. That’s about all that needs to be said. Oh, and it also has the most awesomely hateful Lil Wayne line ever– “fuck you with an AIDS dick.” What’s not to love?

13. “Prostitute Fling”

The slow jam. The title basically describes it all. It’s a song about being in love with a prostitute. Yep. That’s rough. Wayne is borderline singing on this song, and he has a weird filter applied to his voice that makes him sound like he’s recording in an underwater booth. He also sounds super high.

12. “Something You Forgot”

Wayne pours his regretful heart out over top of a beat that features a Heart sample. This is one of the most touching songs I’ve heard by Wayne, and the concept of lost love is something pretty much everyone can relate to.

11. “Black Republicans”

Ahhh, I cannot wait until I Can’t Feel My Face is released. Juelz and Wayne straight kill it here. Juelz Santana plays the role of the young “Baracka” Obama here. I didn’t realize the popular Mortal Kombat fighter was related to a presidential hopeful.

10. “Ride for My Niggas (Sky’s the Limit)”

Mike Jones sucks ass. The original version of this song sucks ass. Lil Wayne took this poor beat that Mike Jones pooped on, and turned it into a beautiful soaring Phoenix. A beautiful, soaring Phoenix that’s all about getting stoned and killing entire families. Okay, so maybe it isn’t beautiful, but it is awesome as fuck. This is also the infamous song where Wayne tells us that his favorite movie at age five was Gremlins. Pure win.

9. “Gossip”

Lil Wayne killed it with this song at the BET awards a couple months ago. This song better be on the Carter 3. Just remember, Weezy is gonna need cheese if he’s bakin’ a ziti.

8. “1,000 Degreez”

This song has surfaced most recently in an abbreviated version known as “I’m Me,” but “1,000 Degreez” is vastly superior. Weezy gets all self-referential, using samples of himself from older songs like “Fireman.” Greatness.

7. “King Kong”

Probably the most qualified for “banger” status of any song on this list. Weezy’s name is like honey and has a lot of bitches humming. He feeds his foes banana clips. YES. He even namechecks Harry and the Hendersons on this song for good measure.

6. “La La”

A potential Carter 3 track, “La La” has sampled children singing on the hook. That is usually something that irritates me, but it definitely works on this breezy jaunt. Weezy is just lightin’ up his LA LA LA LA LAAAA.

5. “Kush”

Another potential Carter 3 track about smoking up! Yay! The beat on this track is vastly superior to the one on “La La,” so it gets the nod as the superior drug song… but it still isn’t the best Wayne drug anthem to be found on The Carter 3 Mixtape. Foreshadowing ooohhhh! Oh, and this line alone makes “Kush” track a winner– “Captain Crunch, these niggas is Fruit Loops.”

4. “Married to the Block (World of Fantasy)”

One of the few “serious” songs on this list. Wayne and his accomplice paint a vivid and poignant portrait of a rough upbringing rife with violence and neglect. This isn’t playful Wayne, that’s for sure. This song is dead serious, and a total affront to those who continue to say that Lil’ Wayne’s rhymes are complete nonsense.

3. “Dipset 2”

This song is so epic. Taking a sample from a classic opera song and using it as the backdrop for Wayne’s bizarre non sequitur-filled ramblings about drugs, guns, and women is nothing less than a stroke of pure musical genius.

2. “I Feel Like Dying”

The best song about drugs ever? Who knows, but it sure is immense. The beat is so sparse, and is propped up by an eerie repeating vocal sample. The focus here is all on Wayne’s almost certainly heavily drug-influenced rhyming. The way he sounds and the things he says sure do make it seem like he was high on a lot more than weed when he laid this one down in the studio. A wonderful, hazy voyage through the drug-addled mind of a 25 year old.

1. “Upgrade”

Yeah, I know. This is the Wayne song everyone loves to blather on about. But it’s completely warranted. Wayne unleashes an absurd volley of colorful rhymes with a heavily improvisational feel, refusing to let up until the track finally expires. I loved the beat this song uses even when it wais unfortunately associated with a Beyonce song. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played this song, but it’s probably nearing triple digits at this point.


~ by theoberlander on December 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Please Say the Baby: 20 Hot Lil’ Wayne Songs from 2007”

  1. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. Finally someone who trully appreciates Lil Wayne. I love him, his music, his vibe, his personality, his swag. I can trully say that i think I am one of his most devoted fans ever, Going to jail this year wont phase him; it will give him even more to rap about.

  2. I was there when he was booed off the stage at Voodoo Fest in his own home town

  3. wayne always kills it ha

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