Emeralds are… Forever?

Emeralds Allegory of Allergies

Okay, so yeah I totally fail. I’ve been sleeping on this act from Ohio known as Emeralds. If I wasn’t a total failure as a drone follower, I would’ve already known about these guys and shot humongous loads over their output many months ago. I got ahold of their mammoth 120 minute 2007 release, Allegory of Allergies and have been consistently amazed by it. I will now commence showing mad love.

Emeralds are but one band in the experimental world of drone (which appears to be growing exponentially on a daily basis now). Although emeralds is fairly new to the drone scene, they have already demonstrated a better grasp on what exactly makes this type of music so compelling than many of their guitar and effects noodling peers. Using little more than guitars, synthesizers, and tape recorders, Emeralds has demonstrated a proclivity for making ambient drone washes that can bathe the listener in warm rays of sunlight, as well as submerge them into the unsettling calm of the deepest oceans.

Allegory is a mesmerizing journey and an exhausting listen. Two hours is a long time to listen to drone. and despite its long runtime, I was completely riveted by the twists and turns the band took throughout. “Underwater Mountains” is a deep sea diving expedition to scour the great unknowns of the ocean floor. It’s dark and viscous, yet serene.

“Light’s Cool” is the album closer and a personal favorite. Light guitar and synths open the song, acting as light peeking through a thick forest in perfectly harmonized intervals. Eventually the trees part, basking the listener in pure light and giving way to a persistent wave of achingly beautiful sound.

Although I only have about 5 or so listens under my belt, I can safely say this is one of the best, most fully realized drone albums I have ever heard. Emeralds is clearly a highly skilled act with great vision, and Allegory is simply a must hear album. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Listen to it however you can.



~ by theoberlander on December 6, 2007.

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