When It’s Reppin’ Time… DUBSTEP

Hey there! Long time no see. I’m bored out of my fucking skull, so I figured this would be a good time to update my crappy blog. Today, I’m going to talk about the latest album from London’s mysterious dubstep artist, Burial. Last year Burial kicked out one very rad debut album that ended up on a lot of folks’ “best of” lists. It has been a quick turnaround for Burial, as he now has out his sophomore album, Untrue. Although it continues to mine similar territory, Untrue exhibits a refinement that makes it not only Burial’s best album yet, but also one of 2007’s strongest electronic releases.

Burial is pretty fucking huge in certain circles right now, and is pretty much THE dubstep artist over in the UK. His darkly subterranean sound blends UK garage with drum and bass to create one fiercely engrossing end product. Burial’s ethereal and melodic style stands out with its awesome use of soulful vocal samples that lend a haunting quality to the skittering rhythms found on Untrue. Much like his debut album, Untrue is an extremely focused, yet lengthy listen. Although the runtime tends to be a bit on the long side, Untrue never feels like an exhausting listen. This is because Burial has paced this album so well– everything feels like it’s exactly where it should be and just flows into the next track seamlessly.

“Ghost Hardware” has a stammering beat that drops in and out as spectral vocals creep through every opening. “Archangel” features distorted vocals that lend this violin heavy track an otherworldly feel. I’ve seen people describe Burial’s sound as cold and depressing. While it’s certainly a bit on the dreary side, I think a far more apt description would be “bittersweet.” Either way, Untrue is certainly a beautiful album that manages to radiate warmth despite having such a frigid exterior.

This is the part where the writer usually mentions something cliche about sophomore slumps and how this artist has managed to avoid one. As I previously stated, Burial hasn’t completely retooled his sound with Untrue, but he has demonstrated further growth as an artist. In doing so, he has firmly established himself as one of the most interesting musicians in the electronic music world right now.

2007 sure has been one hell of a year for music so far. Making my year end list is going to be extremely hard.


~ by theoberlander on November 19, 2007.

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