WTF, Shitfork Actually Got Something Right for a Change

No, I’m not talking about Pitchfork’s continued ball-washing of Radiohead. In Rainbows is a solid album with a few great songs, but it’s entirely too safe and lacks the true cohesive feel that made Kid A and OK Computer memorable for so many. At least it doesn’t suck gigantic veiny dick like Hail to the Thief though. What a boring piece of shit that was.

But enough about those overrated limeys and the American Apparel wearing nerds that love to ingest their semen. If you want to read about Radiohead, visit one of the 5 million other online pubs/blogs/zines/whatever that are no doubt discussing their latest album right this moment. I’m here to talk about a more interesting album that recently received a “Best New Music” award from the plebes at Pitchfork. Chromatics’ Night Drive.

Chromatics started out as a noise punk act. Now they’re dark, new wavey, electro dancehall type shit with a chick on vocals. And it’s fuckin’ great. Night Drive is a very laid back album filled with simple beats and pretty melodies. I remarked to a friend earlier that this was “3 AM drug trip music.” That’s probably pretty accurate. This definitely feels like music for the wee hours of the night. It’s dark, alluring, and mysterious.

“I Want Your Love” pulses with a restrained beauty. “Healer” is post-punk cast out onto the no wave dance floor. But Night Drive isn’t solely “do some E and get on da floor” electro– the group shows off their more atmospheric and ambient side on the tragic minimalist epic “Tomorrow is so Far Away.”

Fans of that super cool style of electronic that makes you want to take a late night drive (lolz) should definitely be seeking this one out. Junior Boys and The Knife fans, I’m looking in your general direction. You can buy the album directly from the band right now for $9 (visit their Myspace for more info).

And no, this isn’t the first time Pitchfork has done well this year. They also unearthed that A Place to Bury Strangers album. Which also rules. But Pitchfork still sucks. Eat my fuck you hipsters.

Go buy Night Drive.


~ by theoberlander on October 15, 2007.

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