It’s Friday… Let’s Bullshit.

I’m at work, the week is winding down, and I have nothing better to do (actually working doesn’t count)– allow me to share with you some music that has been making sweet love to my ears recently.

First off, Trash Talk is probably the most ferocious band in the hardcore scene right now.  My buddy went to one of their shows recently out in San Diego and came back telling me that their short set was the most violent thing he has ever been a part of.  When your lead singer goes into the crowd and kicks the shit out of the fans that paid to see you, you know you are hard-fucking-core.  And with a haircut as bad as Lee from Trash Talk has, it’s no wonder he’s so goddamn angry.

But I digress, Trash Talk apparently has an extraordinarily violent live show, an EP that makes me want to light myself on fire and kill the nearest living thing, AND a new album due out hopefully before the end of the year.  Fans of vicious, hate-filled old school influenced hardcore mayhem should be listening to this band.  If you consider yourself a fan of hardcore and you don’t enjoy Trash Talk, you fail.  Forever.  Go buy their current EP, Walking Disease.  It costs like four fucking dollars and almost assuredly rocks harder than anything else you own.

Secondly, Omega Massif.  I first heard this band like two years ago, and I liked what I heard.  A lot.  Imagine Neurosis, old Pelican, and old Isis in a intoxicating heavy cocktail filled with spaced out passages and doomed up stoner riffs.  Oh yeah, that’s orgasmic.  Fast forward to the present, and it turns out these skull-crushingly heavy German metallers actually have an album out!  And more importantly, it demolishes. If you like long ass epic metal songs chock full of gigantic tidal waves of riffing, then Geisterstadt is probably going to be making an appearance on your year-end list.

That’s all for today kiddies.  I’ve been listening to an embarrassingly large amount of early-to-mid 90s emo lately, so you can expect a post about that in the near future.  So break out the sweaters.  Anyways, is it happy hour yet?  Out.


~ by theoberlander on October 12, 2007.

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