How Boris & Michio Kurihara Made Me Cry Tears of Joy

I’m interrupting this long break of no content on my blog to tell you about the greatest live show ever in the history of the world.  This show was drone/metal/noise rock gods Boris, and guitar legend Michio Kurihara playing at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio.  And it was awesome.  Oh-so-very-awesome.

The doors opened at 8:30, and after getting into the auditorium I raided the merch table, coming away with a few shirts and a copy of the supremely awesome Stupid Babies Go Mad album, Let’s Go to the Off Limits.  My incessant hyping of the album even got a few people around me at the table to buy the album as well!  Go me.  I ended up spending way too much money at the merch table.  After that I made my way to the front of the stage and posted up directly in front of the spot where Boris bassist/vocalist Takeshi would be standing.

At 9, opening act Damon & Naomi took the stage, welcoming us to the “Roaring Silence Revue.”  They said they would be supplying the beautiful silent part, and Boris would be on afterwards to soothe us with their very loud sounds.  Michio Kurihara was the man of the night, so he was basically on stage for 3 hours, starting with Damon & Naomi’s set.  The duo played a set with maybe 6-8 songs.   I had not heard the act before, but I found their brand of very pretty indie folk to be quite pleasant.  Much of the audience didn’t seem to be digging it, as there was a fair amount of conversation from the crowd as they played.  Pretty fucking lame guys.  Then again, you don’t normally expect a crowd filled with guys wearing Eyehategod and various black metal shirts to be terribly into folk.  There were some douches beside me talking about Wolfmother too.  Ugh.  Anyways, Damon & Naomi played a solid set, but by the time they were on their last song, I was more than ready for Boris.

So Boris came on at about 10 or so, and started in immediately with “Rafflesia,” the opening song from their recent album with Michio Kurihara.  Needless to say, things got very loud, very quickly once Boris took the stage.  The level of contrast between Damon & Naomi and Boris cannot be understated.   Boris then went into the title track, “Rainbow,” which features guitarist Wata on vocals.  Note that I did not see any fanboys snapping photos of Wata with their cellphones.  So that’s good.  The best thing about this song was Kurihara’s scintillating solo.  Holy fuck it was immense.  After this, Boris took a break from Rainbow material to melt some faces with Pink material.  They played the title track, which got some retards worked into a lather, prompting them to start a pit.  Well that pissed some folks off, and needless to say, the pit didn’t last very long.  Take that shit to a metalcore show, assholes.

After the Pink detour, Boris got back into the Rainbow material, playing “Starship Narrator,” “Shine,” and “Sweet No. 1.”  All of which were amazing.  My favorite part of the show came when Boris closed their set by playing “When We’re Gone” and “Parting” back-to-back.  The massive walls of guitar enveloping me through this portion of the show pretty much guaranteed that if I were to die shortly after this show, I would have no regrets.  After the band left the stage, we all kept clapping and cheering, and I kept yelling for them to come back and play “Death Valley.”

 They came back.  But they treated us all to a wonderful surprise.  They played neither a Boris song or a Michio Kurihara/Ghost song.  They played Wata’s song, “Angel” from the She’s So Heavy split released earlier this year.  That was the first time I had ever heard the song, and wow, it was completely gorgeous.  A very low-key song with gentle vocals from Wata and one hell of a searing guitar solo to close things out.

So yeah, this show was thoroughly amazing.  The only downsides were Boris not playing my favorite song from Rainbow, “You Laughed Like a Water Mark” and their refusal to play “Death Valley” even though I yelled for it like 5 times throughout the night (I forgive you though).  The point here is that Boris is probably the best fucking band on the planet right now and if you can find a way, go see them live.  It will probably ruin their recorded material for you, but your life will be so much richer after having your ears massaged by Boris’s massive wall of amplified sonic beauty.

Greatest experience ever.


~ by theoberlander on October 7, 2007.

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