Living in a Cabin = Black Mehtul as Fuck

Hay guys, I just remembered I had this shitty blog.  Now I’m going to write a new post for it.

I’ve been in a very metal mood recently, so I put in an order over at the website for the totally fucking awesome Southern Lord record label.  I ordered the newest one from French madmen, Deathspell Omega (blog post drenched in semen forthcoming), and I also ordered the second full-length from America’s own Wolves in the Throne Room.  I was under the impression that the latest album from Wolves was not due to release until later this month, but much to my surprise, a little package from Southern Lord showed up today with that motherfucker in it.

Wolves in the Throne Room, for those that are not aware, play a type of super dreary black metal that wraps the listener up in total despair, while at the same time not pummelling them with the ridiculous cheese and cliches black metal is often chastised for.  Shit, these guys live in a fucking cabin, they grow their own crops and they raise their own livestock.  They don’t wear corpse paint and they sure as fuck don’t do absurd photo shoots wearing skin tight leather.  Wolves ducks the accepted black metal norms.

Their previous album, 2006’s Diadem of 12 Stars was a thick cloud of suffocating depression with a strange inner beauty not seen in a lot of black metal releases.  Although the band does still tend to crank out that chaotic wall of guitar and percussion that basically IS black metal, their music has an undeniable feeling of raw emotion behind it.  Their latest, Two Hunters picks right up where 12 Stars left off, offering up a brand new slab of hypnotically morose metal.

I’ve only listened to this album two times, so I’m just going to offer up a brief rundown.  Track one is a stunner– sounding more like something you would expect to hear from Larsen than any band making black metal, this one sets the tone very nicely for things to come.  Track two is where Wolves brings the black metal portion into the mix, replete with swirling despondent riffing, blastbeats, and tortured howls.  Track three gives us a resurgence of the gentle beauty witnessed on the opener, with some striking female vocals leading the way early on.  Halfway through the song explodes into a dense metal assault.  This song fucking rules.  The closing track is an epic black metal dirge, clocking in at over 18 minutes.  A tremendously dynamic song that sees Wolves seamlessly move back and forth between discord and ethereal beauty.

Although my time with this album is limited so far, early impressions are reeeaaally fucking good.  My initial thought is that Two Hunters is every bit as good as Diadem of 12 Stars, but only time will tell how well it holds up.  Either way, Wolves in the Throne Room has left us little doubt, just as they did in 2006, that they have released not only one of the finest metal albums of the year, but one of the finest albums of the year period.


~ by theoberlander on September 10, 2007.

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