It’s Friday. Time for noise rock.

Guess what motherfuckers?  I’m not going to write about those remaining top albums from the first half of the year in thi spost either.  I’m so unpredictable.  Isn’t it adorable?  Nope, instead I’m going to give the people what they really want– more posts about obscure noise acts.  Today’s subject?  Air Conditioning.  They have a new album out on Load titled Dead Rails, and that shit is the truth.

Sooooo, a noise rock band named Air Conditioning.  They sound like a really loud air conditioner, right?  Not quite– unless your air conditioner emits distorted wails and clanks frantically while sounding like that shit is about to explode bigger than a neutron bomb.  And if your air conditioner does sound like that, I would like to purchase it.

Dead Rails is a wreckless freight train of noise.  It’s also dreadfully short.  You get four songs in roughly thirty minutes, which may be fine for a sissy, but dammit, I want my ears to be violated long and hard when I listen to this genre.  I want the noise to rock me so hard my ears spew blood with such viscosity that it would appear as if I were an unfortunate victim in a 1970s grindhouse film.  I want it to scramble my fucking brain.  And to top it off, one song here is “breather” ambient piece.  Aaaggg.

 Anyways, despite its shortcomings in terms of length, Dead Rails does manage to impress.  Opening track “Where to Litter/Trash Burning” sounds like it’s being performed during a freefall into the atmosphere.  Huge swaths of distrortion from both vocals and guitars pummel repeatedly while upbeat percussion drives the madness.  Eventually, the song gives way to pure, formless noise before picking up again towards the end for a vicious finale.  On the closer “Accept Your Paralysis/Cephalexin” Air Conditioning busts out some slower paced noise rock that owes a little to sludge.  The large, cascading riffs on this track invoke visions of artists like Neurosis and Melvins.  Only much noisier, obviously.

It’s Friday, and now it’s time for alcohol.  This is the part where I tell you to buy the album I’ve covered during the post.  So yeah, get on that.  Air Conditioning rocks.  See you next week folks.  I’ll have plenty to talk about, such as new music from motherfucking Campbell Kneale’s Birchville Cat Motel and more Burning Star Core!  And I may do the last installment of that first half feature– but probably not.



~ by theoberlander on August 10, 2007.

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