Wasting More of yr Time

Hay guys, let’s talk some more about the hot first half 2007 jams.

The Apples in StereoNew Magnetic Wonder
Probably the one and only power pop album I will show love for in the 07. It’s cute, generally upbeat and at times quite saccharine. You know– power pop. Do I feel like a bit of a wuss listening to it? Yes. Do I care? Fuck no. I’d listen to this anyday over another cookie cutter limey pop rock act with jangly guitars and whiny vocals. Everyone needs fun music to listen to. This album is exactly that.

El-PI’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
Yeah, it’s nerd rap, but it’s still better than anything else the rap genre has to offer thus far in 2007. Mr. Producto has shown as time and time again what a fantastic producer he is, crafting beats that tear through the fabric of time and space seemingly on a whim. He isn’t the greatest MC I’ve ever heard, not even close in fact, but he has vision. Who else can give us superbly constructed songs about falling in love with a soon-to-be-executed prisoner on a prison ship in outer space? I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead is a darkly pointed, humorous, and sometimes depressing affair. It’s like a commentary on the current state of things as told from 1,000 years in the future.

Burning Star CoreBlood Lightning 2007
I’ve already blogged about this album once, and for good reason. It’s fucking killer. A gorgeous slab of highly varied drone from our pal, C. Spencer Yeh. Crazy psyche drone for all of you drug addicts to do your pots or acids to. I find this album to be especially good for relaxing after a long day. Yes, I relax by listening to walls of droning guitar feedback. I’m awesome.

Blonde Redhead23
Listen not to the haters, this album delivers the goods. It’s the cleanest and probably “safest” sounding thing Blonde Redhead has ever done, but god dammit, these guys (and gal) can do anything. This isn’t Earth-shattering stuff here, it’s just high quality indie rock with the same intoxicating attributes that always make Blonde Redhead so damn irresistible. They just write very pretty and addictive tunes.

Gui BorattoChromophobia
I’ve blogged about this one before too. Boratto’s debut album is a fine piece of ambient house that manages to be beautiful without sacrificing any of its punch. This is one of those electronic albums that indie nerds and electronic music dorks can joyously dance around together to.

Oh, so you think I’m done? Oh no, there are still more albums to discuss! If you don’t like it, then you can fuck off and go read one of those shitty celebrity gossip blogs, you fucking knob. If you do like it, then awesome. Come back tomorrow and I totally promise I won’t slip something in your drink and rape you afterwards.


~ by theoberlander on July 24, 2007.

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