More Good Shit from the First Half

So I’m at work.  One would think I would be working, right?  Wrong.  Instead, I’m sitting on my ass listening to Merzbow and typing in this here blog.  Hey, I’ve got a swell idea, let’s talk about more albums you should be listening to that came out in the first half of 2007!  YAY!

Pissed Jeans Hope for Men
Okay, so there is nothing on here as balls out (lol) awesome as “Ashamed of My Cum,” but that doesn’t mean Hope for Men is a contemporary Christian album either.  It’s still Pissed Jeans through and through.   This album is dirtier than a herpes-infested coke whore sucking dick in a back alley.  There’s even a fucking song about ice cream on this album.  And it rocks.  If you haven’t heard this album yet, punch yourself in the balls (or vagina), and then go listen to the album.

DeerhoofFriend Opportunity
I pretty much adore this band, so it was a no-brainer that their latest would show up on my list.  Deerhoof continues to move further into serene yet bizarre pop rock territory on this release, which is fine by me– although I do long for the freakouts.  Oddly enough, I thought this album was too short, whereas I thought their previous album, The Runners Four was a bit too long.  Either way, it’s good.  Since this band is pretty much beloved by indie nerds, I’m going to assume everyone has heard this by now.

Another stunning collaboration from Xiu Xiu and Larsen.  Takes the deeply affecting vocals Xiu Xiu is known for and applies them to the gorgeous rock soundscapes Larsen creates.  On this album you get a nice mix of ambience and very pretty indie rockish type tunes featuring Jamie Stewart on vocals.  Actually, I’d probably say this album is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard so far this year.

AirPocket Symphony
Fuck you motherfucker.  That goes out to all the critics who shit on this album.  Pocket Symphony is gorgeous.  It’s a very understated and subtle electronic pop album that takes a few listens to truly understand, but once you do, you’ll realize it’s a very strong album.  And if by some chance you don’t enjoy it after that, then you probably work at McDonald’s and spend all of your money on Dragonforce albums.  Retard.  I’ll bet the same fucks that unfairly crapped on this album were the same ones crapping on Liars’ They Were Wrong, So We Drowned a few years ago– only to realize that album is actually fucking great a few years later.  I’ll be sure to welcome you to the party in 2010.  Dicks.

108 A New Beat From a Dead Heart
I’ve been talking about way too many indie albums in these features so far, so here’s something different.  Some killer new shit courtesy of Deathwish.  108 is back together and tearing things apart in the hardcore world with this disc.  Frenzied, technical riffing combines with hardcore punk fury that will have you eager to pound the first living thing you see into a bloody pulp.  One of this year’s top hardcore releases fo sho.

Since I don’t feel like doing a goddamn thing at work right now, I’ll probably be back with some more choice cuts from the first half of 2007 real soon.  Until next time, kiddies…


~ by theoberlander on July 23, 2007.

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