Halfway There– Looking at 2007’s Best So Far

I could write about how great the new John Vanderslice and Okkervil River are, but fuck it, I feel like doing some recapping.  2007 has been a terrific year for music up to this point, and with releaes from Akron/Family, Ween, and Stars (just to name a few) on the way, the pace looks to continue.  I think I’ll burn up a few days worth of posts talking about shit you’ve probably already listened to.  But hey, this is my crappy blog, and if I want to shit it up by deluding myself into thinking someone out there really cares what I’m enjoying in 2007, then god dammit, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Pig Destroyer – Phantom Limb
Griiiiiind.  Pretty much everything these guys do is awesome and is about as pleasant as sitting down to take a dump in the morning only to realize you just sat on a toilet plunger with a knife taped to the end.  I mean that in the most loving way possible though.  Phantom Limb, and really all Pig Destroyer releases are a lot like a bender– you’re rocking out, shit gets out of hand, it’s over before you know it, and then you wake up somewhere strange in a pool of your own bodily fluids.  Look, if you like brutal music that doesn’t fuck around… then you’ve probably already heard this.  Shit.

Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
This one actually just came out this week, but it’s a good one.  Spoon is quite a consistent band.  They’re never going to make anything that will really blow you away, but they probably won’t make anything that will make you want to clean your ears with ice picks either.  If you want to waste time listening to “dad rock” (lol) like the new Wilco, that’s fine, but this is one album all of you indie rock nerds should be dropping the money you earned at the local coffee shop on.

Feist – The Reminder
Speaking of indie nerds– this is another one they’re eating up.  Fey indie weiners and nutty broads (probably ones into photography) alike love this one.  You know, the types that like posting lyrical excerpts on blogs and in profiles.  Hell, Verizon loves Leslie Feist’s new one enough to use it for the purpose of selling phones!  Now that’s fucking indie.  Regardless, as far as whiny indie chick music goes, this is your best bet so far in 2007.

Dalek – Abandoned Language
Dalek don’t rap about cars, glocks, or bitches.  Nope.  They make their living dwelling in the abstract.  Peculiar, sometimes noisy, sometimes droney beats paint an ominous backdrop over which Dalek spits rhymes mainly of the social and political variety.  On Abandoned Language the group steers a bit away from the abrasive nature of 2005’s stunning Absence by taking things in a more low-key, dreamlike direction.  This is thinking man’s rap.

Pan Sonic Katodivaihe
Although it veers dramatically from jackhammering industrial to minimalism, everything about the latest Pan Sonic feels intricately crafted and thought-out.  Katodivaihe is a thoroughly challenging listen, with sharp contrasts in tone abound.  One would think this nature would sink the album, but no, it only serves to make make Katodivaihe’s quiet moments more unsettling, and its ferocious moments all the more vicious.

 Well that’s enough for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow to highlight some more albums if I don’t die from alcohol poisoning.  Out.


~ by theoberlander on July 12, 2007.

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