Clicks and Boops: Electronic Round Up Pt. 2

Ah, at last I have decided to finish my electro round-up piece.  And only a month behind schedule!  What can I say?  I’m a man that adheres to his deadlines.  Yes, there is plenty more good electronic music to be heard thus far in 2007, and I’m going to fail to mention more of it even once this post is complete (perhaps a third installment will cover these sometime in the fourth quarter?).  Anyways, let’s do the damn thing.

Digitaline – Anticlockwise
The debut album from Switzerland’s Digitaline is a soft, yet rollicking affair, pulsing with a quiet energy that can coax even the most modest of wallflowers away from their perch.  Anticlockwise pounds along with a cool and calculated sound that manages to be highly infectious without over feeling overwhelming.  Composed largely of house grooves and slick, subtle glitch, Anticlockwise feels calm and effortless.  It can suffice as background music, or it can set things off as the center of attention.

Apparat – Walls
So Apparat is probably beginning to develop quite a bit of a following after collaborating with Ellen Allien of 2006’s fantastic Orchestra of Bubbles.  We’re still waiting on Ms. Allien’s follow-up, but in the meantime, Apparat has decided to grace us with his latest punchy and poignant blend of electronics and pop.  Boasting lovely production, Walls crackles and bounds from the speakers with a great deal of clarity.  It certainly has a “larger” sound than the other two albums discussed in this post– but that’s what it Apparat strives for here.  Apparat divides the album up between vocal tracks and straight up instrumental electronic tracks, with somewhat mixed results on both sides.  Although Walls isn’t going to make anyone forget Orchestra, it is an interesting diversion that should scratch thatApparat/Ellen Allien itch, if only just a bit.

Pantha du Prince – This Bliss
Now this shit is straight drop.  The album title here is perfect– this is some blissed out deep space euphoria.  Drifting into the great unknown and freezing infinity of the universe, This Bliss  weaves a gorgeous and compelling tapestry rich with melody and rhythm.  Although less subtle than the Digitaline album above, This Bliss resonates with a sense of vitality that as we all know can sometimes be difficult to convey in the electronic music vehicle.  Pantha makes great use of moving symphonic samples on This Bliss,using them to accentuate his intricate house/IDM beat programming, in turn elevating his sound to a heightened ethereal beauty.  This one is well worth your time.

So there you have it folks.  If you found this post interesting and learned something new– yay!  If not– eh, fuck it.  Time to go drink scotch.


~ by theoberlander on June 5, 2007.

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