Clicks and Bo–Blonde Redhead LET ME TOUCH YOU

Okay, so I know I said I’d cover some more electronic music in my next post, but I’m currently rocking out to Blonde Redhead’s In an Expression of the Inexpressible.  AMAAAAAAZING.  So electronic round-up part 2 has been pushed to Friday (lol yeah right) while I furiously masturbate to the glorious back catalog of Kazu, Simone, and Amedeo.

I have been on a massive Blonde Redhead bender for months now with no end in sight.  I simply had to make a post to gush about how fucking amazing this band truly is.  The first time I heard Blonde Redhead was a few years back on Misery is a Butterly, which was at times a touching and heart-breaking piece of work.  A good album to be sure, but nothing that I found myself in love with.

After being hooked up with some of their older albums by a good pal (WHAT UP Z), I began to realize that this band is more amazing than eating shitty fast food after drinking 10 beers.  Their older material feels heavily influenced by Sonic Youth, aka THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL-TIME.  This automatically makes it awesome.  But even from the start, Blonde Redhead were clearly much more than simple followers of their progenitors.

They began fusing elements of psychedelic pop into their music gradually over time.  The early-to-middle of their catalog is to this point their strongest, as it meshes the noiser more chaotic guitars of their early sound with dreary pop sensibilities.  Behold the screeching guitars and elastic bass line of “Symphony of Treble” from Fake Can be Just as Good!  Witness the damaged tragic pop of “Luv Machine” from In an Expression of the Inexpressible!  Marvel at Kazu’s legs as she rocks out on stage in a deliciously short skirt!  Okay, so maybe you can’t get that from listening to their albums… but it suuuure is a great bonus.


What I’m trying to say is that Blonde Redhead is most likely one of the greatest bands of my generation.  Their discography is remarkably consistent, although their core sound has changed greatly over the years.  That’s quite a feat.  Give your love to Blonde Redhead and you shall be rewarded.


~ by theoberlander on May 8, 2007.

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