Whooooooooo, those crazy ass motherfuckers otherwise known as The Locust have finally decided to release a new album. Yeah, everyone loved Plague Soundscapes, and rightfully so– what’s not to love about spastic noise core with snarky titles and bratty vocals?  Their latest mouthful of vomit pressed onto plastic is lovingly called New Erections, and listening to it does in fact give me an erection.

“Okay, so it’s another Locust disc.  Fuck those guys, all their songs sound the same.”

If that quote sounds like something you would say, then I kindly suggest you find the nearest burning building and make it your permanent residence.  Although you are still going to hear a significant amount of convulsive drumming and yelps, there are certainly some new things here to be excited about. 

The production quality is quite awesome, and by far the best anyone has ever heard on a Locust disc.  This shit punches hard.  The Locust even try their hand at some different shit on this New Erections.  The album opener  “AOTKPTA” ventures into full-on stoner doom territory with huge, crashing riffs and vicious growls.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard from this band, and it actually works. 

Quite honestly, with New Erections The Locust have crafted their most accessible album ever.  But that’s like saying getting shivved in the balls is more accessible than having exacto knives shoved in your urethra.  Although they may be all dressed up in in fancy clothes with a few new tricks up their sleeves, The Locust is still just as capable as ever of tearing the flesh right from your face at an alarmingly fast rate.

The Locust is back, and they’re gonna bury your city in trash.


~ by theoberlander on April 24, 2007.

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