Mmmm, Delicious Blood Lightning

Hey look.  An update.  How about that?

So for today’s entry I’m going to blather on about another drone/noise act, so if you’re not into that sort of thing then you can fuck right off, sissy.  Burning Star Core has been ripping shit in the drone scene for awhile now, but it seems like they’ve been coming out with awesome shit every other month recently.  Blood Lightning is their newest psychic terror, and golly, it sure is a swell listen.

The opener, “The Universe is Designed to Break Your Heart” is a goregous piece of dense ambient drone that gently hums along as light waves of guitar crest intermittently.  “A Curse on the Coast” is darker fare, plodding along with a light percussive element and menacingly unintelligible narration that periodically emerges from the pit of bubbling guitar noise underneath the track.  Imagine one of Sunn 0)))’s quieter moments and you would be close.  Mellow, yet highly unsettling.

“Deaf-Mute Spnning Resonator” scales back the darker sound of the previous track fo rmore minimalist fare.  This is barely-there drone that paves the way for for the much heavier psych-drone mindfuck of “The Universe is Designed to Break Your Mind.”  Riding along an intergalactic wave of guitar, the track initially burns brightly with thick layers of guitar drone, but then slowly loses momentum until nothing remains.  Like a meteorite being broken down as it enters the atmosphere, walls of guitar noise are stripped away from the track as it progresses to its serene climax.  Incredible track.

I’ve read that this may be the final release for C. Spencer Yeh and pals under the Burning Star Core name, and that makes me a saaaaad panda.  If this is truly the end, then they shut that shit down with this album.  Blood Lightning is a tremendous piece of work in the psyche/drone genre, one that manages captivate like few others have managed to do.  This is one that all fans of Sunroof!, Birchville, etc. are gonna need to hear to complete their 2007.


~ by theoberlander on April 2, 2007.

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    i suggest you submit your music ish to my directory

    lots of peoples will read.

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