Panda Bears Love Brian Wilson

Wow.  This was unexpected.  After boring/irritating the shit out of me on 2004’s Young Prayer, Animal Collective member, Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) has released one stunner of an album in Person Pitch.  Drawing upon the soaring vocal harmonies of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, Panda Bear has managed to craft a mesmerizing concoction of shimmering, pastoral pop that has me hooked.

Young Prayer was a very sparse album, standing in stark contrast to the bubbly 2004 Animal Collective LP, Sung Tongs.  Although a deeply personal album about loss for Lennox, the album never really came together.  There is no such problem on Person Pitch.  Equal parts 60’s psychedelic pop and electronic, it’s a beautiful blend of style that exudes warmth.  It’s just a very pleasant album.

On the 12+ minute standout “Bros” Panda Bear starts off with a mid-tempo number adrift on lighter-than-air vocals before adventuring into an extended acoustic guitar jam.  On another epic, the even longer (albeit slightly) “Good Girl/Carrots,” Panda Bear still adheres tightly  to the Brian Wilson-esque pop seen elsewhere on the album, but the track actually appears to go through three distinct movements– including one with a delightfully bouncy electronic beat backing Lennox’s beautiful vocals.  Much more than just another homage to 60s pop, Person Pitch is a reimagining of the genre for the 21st century.

Although Person Pitch contains elements of Animal Collective’s sound, overall this is definitely new territory for anyone associated with the group.  While it may not be as outwardly bizarre as an Animal Collective album, Person Pitch carves its own niche with richly layered arrangements and gorgeous vocal harmonies.  This is THE consummate summer album for 2007.  It’s so sunny and inviting, your heart would have to be made of stone to not derive some enjoyment from this stellar disc.  Go.  Buy.

Hey what do ya know?  The indie pubs were right about something for a change.


~ by theoberlander on March 26, 2007.

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