The best game ever, now in microtransaction form!

After months of waiting, Castlevania Symphony of the Night finally hit Xbox Live Arcade yesterday.  Symphony is in all likelihood, the greatest game ever made.  Forged by God and delivered to us by Igarashi and Konami, Symphony is a brilliant blend of adventure and action.

Blatantly ripping the gameplay design from Nintendo’s Metroid series, Igarashi turned Castlevania from an action/platformer series to an epic adventure/action series now lovingly (and sometimes not-so-lovingly) referred to as “Metroidvania.”  You take the 180 proof awesomeness that is Super Metroid, slap some amazing art from Ayami Kojima, an incredible  soundtrack, and light RPG elements on that bitch and you have a game that was so amazing when it came out in 1997, I’m pretty sure I ejaculated immediately upon breaking the plastic wrap.

So yeah, the game is pretty much the best thing ever committed to a CD (aside from Swans’ Children of God).  But the music.  Oh my fuck.  The music.  So much more than just shitty game music, Symphony has one of the most brilliant, varied soundtracks ever heard in a game.  Every area is matched perfectly with a song.  The ass raping clock tower segment is filled with driving rock music, and the aged underground caverns are accompanied by a lazy bassline and a smattering of elegant piano keys.  And it all sounds so good.  To hear music with that level of sampling quality in a game in 1997 was damn near mind-blowing.  Sheer genius, I tell you.  Although compression had to be done to meet XBLA’s file size standards, the music still sounds fantastic.

It may have been 10 long years since I last felt the warm embrace of Symphony’s gothic wonderland, but my oh my it hasn’t lost a step.  And it gets even better for Castlevania whackjobs like myself later this year– we’re getting motherfucking Rondo of Blood on PSP this fall.  Those guys at Konami are pretty swell.  Now if only they could make a 3D Castlevania that doesn’t completely suck balls.


~ by theoberlander on March 22, 2007.

One Response to “The best game ever, now in microtransaction form!”

  1. This ass raping clock tower segment intrigues me.

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