This has been one of the best weeks yet in 2007 for hot album leaks. While the latest releases from Clipd Beaks and Raccoo-oo-oon may not have big name power, I can assure you that they shit all over the “big” 2007 releases up to this point (Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse).

“So what do these bands sound like” you may be asking. Well, Clipd Beaks sounds like post punk locked itself in a metal room and smoked about 50 joints laced with acid. Raccoo-oo-oon sounds like the evil, paranoid cousin of Animal Collective. Both bands bear similarities to Liars in their droney and heavily percussive styles, so if you’re into the super drugged up shit that Liars has been doing ever since they decided to flip the bird to the critics a few years back, then these albums will be your 2007 JAMS.

The latest from Clipd Beaks is titled Hoarse Lords. Fans of 2006’s fantastic EP, Preyers know what to expect here. Lots of thick basslines, nice rhythms, lots of distortion and just general hysteria. although the album pretty much crushes from start to finish, “Black Glass” looks to be the standout by a fair amount. Sounding like something that arose from the rusted scrap metal of an industrial wasteland, “Black Glass” pulverizes with increasing momentum until the noise assault is so frenetic that it collapses upon itself.  Song of the year candidate right here folks. The demo of “Black Glass” is still available on the Clipd Beaks Myspace page, so GO GO GO.  After hearing Clipd Beaks’ EP last year, and the demos this year, I was certain that this would be the album to top in 2007. It appears as though I might be right.

Damn. that’s a tough act to follow. Sorry Raccoo-oo-oon for making you go second. Before the Clipd Beaks’ album leaked and changed my life forever, I was being rocked by the new Raccoo-oo-oon, Behold Secret Kingdom. I really hate typing this band’s name, so from now on I’ll use the acronym of ROO to refer to them for the rest of this paragraph. Okay, picture getting lost in the woods at 3 AM with your hippie drum circle while high on every fucking drug you can imagine. You’d probably be pretty freaked out huh? The music of ROO reflects this bizarre scenario. Eschewing the almost twee-ish sounds of the sunny hippies in Animal Collective, ROO churns out a sound that is cold and dark. ROO’s vocal howls and precise drumming create an incredibly addicting trance-like state for the listener. Despite the band’s proficiency, everything they do on Behold Secret Kingdom feels spontaneous, which bodes well for repeated listening.

Although we aren’t even halfway through 2007, I have good reason to believe that both of these albums will make appearances on my year-end list. Clipd Beaks’ Hoarse Lords is due out this summer. Raccoo-oo-oon’s Behold Secret Kingdom is due out this spring. Go buy both or risk being shunned by your loved ones for the rest of your life.


~ by theoberlander on March 14, 2007.

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