Agent, find and destroy the gang generals!


For the past week or so I’ve been spelling my Virtua Fighter 5 addiction with a little game called Crackdown.  Created by the mastermind behind Grand Theft Auto and developed exclusively for Xbox 360 by Real Time Worlds, Crackdown is a sprawling sandbox action title that puts the player into the boots of a genetically engineered super cop.  Now when you hear “sandbox”  you generally think “Oh, so it’s a GTA clone LOL.”  I swear if I hear one more person utter that stupid phrase in regard to this game, I am going to shatter some knee caps.

Here are the similarities between Crackdown and GTA:

  1. You can steal cars and kill innocents
  2. It’s an open world you’re free to explore

That’s it folks.  Let’s talk positively about how Crackdown differs from GTA.  Crackdown does not have shit controls that make your character move with the grace of a retard submerged underwater.  Crackdown also does not have terribly infuriating and unforgiving mission structure.

Unfortunately, Crackdown lacks the slick humor and storylines of a GTA, but that’s okay– Crackdown is all about seeing just how destructive you can get.  Feel like driving a tanker truck into a gang hideout full speed, diving out, and then firing a rocket to incinerate 15 gang scumbags in one glorious motion?  Go for it.  Feel like picking up a bus and caving in the skulls of some punks with it?  Do it.  Want to bludgeon a drug lord to death with one of his lackey’s corpses?  You’re damn right you do.

For a sandbox game, Crackdown is admittedly limited in its scope.  You’re essentially moving from one point to the next, exterminating gang members with as much brutality as you can muster.  There is a light RPG element to the game that allows you to level your agent up, increasing your abilities, and making the total annihilation of Paradise City’s gangs even more satisfying.  The game provides plenty of incentive for you to play certain ways and encourages you to explore the city as it is littered with hundreds of orbs to aid in powering up your agent.  Although I have yet to delve into the game’s co-op mode, I’m sure it will no doubt offer as much if not more of the explosive action and fun the single player campaign has provided.

Crackdown is not perfect, but it couldn’t have come out at a better time.  This time of the year is usually known as being a drought period for games, but Crackdown has gone a long way to quench that thirst.  Unlike the flawed (albeit awesome in spots) Lost Planet, Crackdown delivers on the hype and is the first must-own 360 title of 2007.


~ by theoberlander on February 28, 2007.

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