Throwing things on things

I should let it be known that I’m totally smitten with Rich Boy’s rap single “Throw Some D’s.” This song is an amazing example of modern hip hop that discusses such pertinent social issues as throwing Dayton rims on cars and putting pictures of penises on promiscuous women’s walls. Yes, it is quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever constructed, made even better by the fact that Rich Boy looks like a young Ray Charles. Because the song is hotter than the sun, it has become ripe for remixes and parody.  The end result of all this? Awesomeness.

Andre 3000 recently remembered that he’s a rapper, and has shown up in top form on a remix of “Walk it Out.” Well he’s at it again in a star studded (sans Jim Jones and Murphy Lee) remix of “Throw Some D’s.” Andre starts the track off and spits hot fire like he used to do back before he took one too many hits of acid. After this Jim Jones comes in and shits the track up with his broken flow and “BAAAALLIIIIN” voiceovers. Murphy Lee comes in around here, I think– I fell asleep during this part so I’m not really sure. The Game shows up towards the end and raps about cherry red six fos and how he hung out with Dr. Dre once. All in all, an awesome remix of an awesome song for Andre alone. I don’t even think Rich Boy raps on it. Check it out.

But the real winner in the “Throw Some D’s” remix sweepstakes comes from some dude named Peter Rosenberg who has a brilliant parody video up on Youtube titled “Throw Some Cheese On It.” Using the alias of (sand) Wich Boy, Rosenberg flows mad ill about gouda, mozzarella, and oh yes, ricotta. Straight comedy, folks. I liked the nicely subtle touch of him wearing Packers gear in the video. Well done, Mr. Rosenberg.


~ by theoberlander on February 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Throwing things on things”

  1. That’s supposed to be Mayor McCheese. I don’t think wordpress allows html in comments though. Damn.

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