Oh blogging, why can’t I quit you?

Oh, hello there.  I didn’t see you come in.  My name is Robert Oberlander, and if you’ll let me, I would like to take you on a magical journey through the human psyche that will most likely change your life when all is said and done.  Okay, that was a complete lie, but I had to say something to keep you here.

Actually, this blog is like pretty much any other you’ve ever seen.  You take one douchebag– in this case, myself.  Then you take mundane subject matter that 99% of the interweb-faring public doesn’t give two shits about (like wacky Japanese RPGs and drone metal).  You combine the two and you get sporadic posting about worthless crap that can occasionally be moderately entertaining due to its stream-of-conscious nature– but more often than not you’ll just wish you could punch the blogger in their stupid face.

And so here I am, contributing to the landfill of worthless blogs plaguing the internet once again.

It’s good to be back.


~ by theoberlander on February 20, 2007.

One Response to “Oh blogging, why can’t I quit you?”

  1. Hooray!!! Welcome back!

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